RAPTOR HV – High Voltage Slave Unit up to 2 kVac -SMC

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Category: Primary Current Injection Equipment
Product Name: High Voltage Slave Unit up to 2 kVac
Brand: SMC
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2 kV


2 kV




Product Overview


This product can work only in combination with a Raptor Master and is visually similar to it.

The Raptor HV connects to the master unit via the Expansion Port, from where it also takes the necessary power. You can think of the Raptor HV as a pluggable high voltage peripheral that takes advantage of all the valuable features in the Raptor Master including the electronically controlled switching amplifier, DSP based intelligence and a robust communication and device synchronization system. Naturally the HV’s control is fully integrated in the master’s console.

The voltage signal generated by the master at the expansion port is raised by the HV up to two user selectable ranges, 1kV and 2kV, and the output is measured in current, voltage and phase angle to provide adequate injection control and application’s feedback.

In order to comply to international safety requirements, the Raptor HV’s package includes an internal buzzer that signalizes the high voltage output activation and two connectors for an optional rotating warning lamp and an optional mushroom type emergency breaker. The internal buzzer can be muted from the Raptor’s console.


  • CT, VT and PT withstand voltage tests
  • CT and VT excitation current measurement.
  • VT and PT ratio measurement.
  • Polarity test in VT’s secondary winding.
  • Step & Touch Voltage Measurement
  • Testing voltage sensors and converters.