PTE-100-C – Single phase current and Voltage Relay -SMC

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Category: Relay Test Equipment
Product Name: Single phase current and Voltage Relay
Brand: SMC
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Additional information

Weight 15.6 kg




250 V


50 A


2000 Hz




Product Overview


The equipment is extremely compact, and contains all the functions necessary for current and voltage relays. It incorporates various measurement functions such as a voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, as well as measures apparent power, impedance, and internal and external phase angles. From the front panel controls, the maximum output injection can be limited, used for example in testing instantaneous overcurrent relays. Injection time can also be limited, useful to safely test reclosing devices.

The PTE-100-C can communicate with a PC via the serial port RS-232, and can be connected to other PTE units via the BUS-PTE.

All the PTE equipment are supplied with an adjustment and calibration software, which allows closed case calibration, with the only requirement of having a standard reference measurement equipment.


  • Variable current output up to 250 A.
  • Variable AC voltage output up to 250V.
  • Variable DC voltage output up to 350V.
  • Variable auxiliary DC power supply to 250V.
  • Auxillary AC voltage output of 110V.
  • Outputs are fully isolated and Electronically protected.
  • Timer resolution: 1 ms.
  • Contains Voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, measures apparent power, impedance, and internal and external phase angles.
  • Control of injection time.
  • Control of the maximum value injected.
  • Current can be pre-selected.
  • 1,000VA for 1 minute.
  • RS-232 Serial Port.
  • PTE-BUS Port.
  • Dimensions: 200 x 300 x 200 mm / 13.5 kg. 8 x 12 x 8 in / 30 lb.


  • Testing of overcurrent and minimum/maximum voltage relays.
  • Testing of overcurrent directional relays (option PTE-FCL).
  • Testing of reclosing devices (option PTE-FCE).
  • Testing of dc relays.
  • Testing of MCB’s.
  • Verification of the knee point in current transformers.
  • Combined with the PTE-100-V, forms a complete single phase system, capable to test diferencial, sychronized, and inverse power relays, etc.