PTE-100-C PRO – Single phase current and Voltage Relay -SMC

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Category: Relay Test Equipment
Product Name: Single phase current and Voltage Relay
Brand: SMC
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Weight 17.6 kg




250 V


50 A


2000 Hz




Product Overview


The values which are presented in the LCD display are highly accurate, easy to read, and independent of the injection made by the PTE-100-C base unit.
The display shows continuously the phase difference between the voltage and the current injected, and can be adjusted during the test with an accuracy of 0.1º. This facilitates the test for directional relays or reclosers and synchronizing relays, etc. The protection tests based on frequency are simple and direct, due to the variable frequency between 40 and 70 Hz incorporated in the module.
If you already have a PTE-100-C unit you can easily convert this to the PTE-100-C Pro with only adding the module PTE-FCN, at a low cost, without the need to send the unit to the factory.


  • 0 to 250 A variac-regulated, digitally controlled AC current output.
  • 0 to 140 VAC electronic voltage channel.
  • Voltage phase angle regulation from 0 to 360º with a resolution of 0.1º.
  • Voltage frequency regulation from 40 to 70 Hz with a resolution of 0.1 Hz.
  • Independent, stabilized and electronically protected auxiliary 0 to 250 V DC source.
  • Complete set of measurement and automation functions.
  • Programmable 1-ms resolution digital chronometer.
  • IP-65 casing, CE mark.
  • 15.5 kg
  • 200 x 300 x 200 mm.


  • Single-phase testing of relays:
  • Definite and inverse time over current.
  • Min/max AC / DC voltage.
  • Directional over current.
  • Frequency.
  • Distance.
  • Synchronizing.
  • Volts / Hz
  • Directional power.
  • Loss of Field.
  • Reverse Phase.
  • Negative sequence over current.
  • Reverse phase / voltage.
  • Thermal.
  • Power factor.
  • Overvoltage.
  • Earth detection.
  • Phase angle, Out of Step.
  • AC / DC reclosing.
  • Directional voltage and power.
  • Moulded Case Breakers (MCB, MCCB) testing.
  • CT Knee-point analysis and many other accurate electrical measurements.
  • Three-phase testing when combined with other PTE-range equipment.