PRIME-600 – Dynamic Microohm meter up to 600 Adc -SMC

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Category: Preventive Maintenance
Product Name: Dynamic Microohm meter up to 600 Adc
Brand: SMC
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Weight 13.5 kg


600 A


600 A


1000 MOhm




Product Overview


The use of micro ohm meters with 4-wire measurement method is a common procedure in the power field for low resistance measurements (in micro ohms and milliohms range), with the purpose of detecting and preventing future problems; it is performed in breakers, switchgear, busbars joints, switching contacts and critical connections, as well as also used in any other metallic connection checks of other installations in different industries.

The PRIME 600 is a micro ohm meter that integrates both the contact resistance and the dynamic resistance measurement (DRM) as stand-alone unit; the dynamic resistance test, which is essential in analyzing the wear of the arcing contacts in SF6 and vacuum breakers, is a function never found before in micro ohmmeters, so that with the PRIME is not required to combine several equipment for the complete static and dynamic resistance analysis, becoming an ideal option for circuit breaker testing.

The PRIME plot the DRM time/resistant curve that describes the resistance changes on the measured spot throughout a few milliseconds, for detecting contact anomalies and wear; the analysis of the relevant characteristics and values of this curve is an effective diagnostic way of the internal condition of the breaker contacts, and reveals potential problems related to the arcing contact condition without having to open the chamber.

The nature and dimensions of the electrical installations impose the need of accurate, high current injection, with the required high power source, for obtaining reliable measurements throughout the entire setup; the injection range of the PRIME reach up to 600 A with pure DC generation (no ripple), which eliminates resistance range distortions in elements with significant inductive characteristic, for example when checking a whole busbar and the resistance measurement could be affected by the nature of the DC injected; this high current micro ohm meter features the higher power on the market (6 Vdc at 600 Adc) which enables for longer leads, less connections problems, and more accurate measurements.

The PRIME microohmeter provides an easy and intuitive use with touch screen and several pre-defined test modes, reducing the testing time; at the beginning of any test, the equipment checks for proper connectivity of the system, warning of possible connection mistakes; for increased safety, the Prime 600 demagnetizes the connected load at the end of each measurement.

The micro ohmmeter includes the easy generation of test reports, with direct printing on field through the built-in thermal printer, or saved to USB or PC with the PrimeSync software for grouping tests in a nice report exportable to office formats in PC.

For higher accuracy and being possible to compare the results measured at determined temperature with the standard values, the option of a temperature sensor, which transmits the temperature of the tested spot to the Prime 600, allows for results normalization in temperature.

An optional dual ground clamp accessory eliminates the need to remove the ground protection and speeds up the measurement process with a dual ground test method.

The high quality of the robust IP67 protective case also ensures the safe transport and use on harsh environments.


  • Dynamic Resistance Measurement
  • Dual ground operation
  • Automatic de-magnetization function
  • Alert on connection mistakes
  • Touch-sensitive graphical display
  • Pre-defined test modes
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Removable USB storage
  • PC download and reporting
  • Sturdy, water proof ABS casing, IP67
  • Temperature normalization


  • Circuit breaker contact resistance measurement according to ANSI C37.09-1979 (5.14), IEC 1208 and IEC 694 (6.4) standards.
  • Quick, efficient condition evaluation of arc contacts in SF6 and vacuum insulated circuit breakers.
  • Assessment of connection quality in cable attachments, busbars and any conductive joint in electrical installations.
  • Winding resistance measurement in transformers.
  • Continuity in switches, earth connections, welding points, fuses, etc.